The Bloodsaints have been born. A group of creatives who join forces in a single cause to help those in desperate need. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO A CHARITY OR CAUSE IN DESPERATE NEED.

The Bloodsaints Are Coming, is a story about a select group of individuals who were killed by Human monsters. They come back as poltergeists and get their revenge. But afterward, they decide to be the extreme horror version of the Avengers. They will use their undead skills to destroy Human monsters. A nice theme story to break the ice of the series.

This venture is super important to us. We want a team. One that isn’t afraid to reach out and help.  

We need you! Are you a horror writer? Enlist now! Check out the links and message us, we want diversity! All we ask, is that you can write a great horror story and be a team player. 

This is just the beginning, but the end is very far off, as there will never be a shortage of charity events in need. We are the ones who make this world great again. Just think what we can accomplish together! We are the one who make missions like this one a thing.

The Bloodsaints are coming… the Bloodsaints are coming… the Bloodsaints are coming… without mercy, without retreat. ENLIST!