Two sisters, Victoria and Issy, have reached the age of eighteen and discovered they are sisters with a cursed family history. 

One takes the path of light, vowing to rid the family and her village of the curse. 
The other takes a darker path joining her other sisters in their demonic coven. 

The coven, descended from the Devil himself, are preparing to raise their father from his fiery domain so he can rule over mankind.

The family history has to be unraveled and the Archer grimoire found leading to a fiery battle for not only their lives but control over evil itself.
When teenager Greg Thorpes sees a young kid, Rickie Ashton, being reprimanded by his mother, Greg makes the mistake of taunting him for it. Days later, he catches Rickie killing birds he has caught in his garden. From then on, Greg will become unwilling victim to Rickie’s obsessed, psychopathic behaviour as the violence towards him and his loved one’s escalates.
Rickie Ashton may be just a child, but he is one badass child. As Greg will all too soon discover…

Except for that time in 1979, where the bullied young boy came back for revenge. Or when they tried to reopen the camp six years ago, and the murderer had returned. Oh, or the time after that, when the hikers went missing. Or the hunters that were mauled by what the authorities said was a bear. A bear that used a bladed weapon…

For Ellie Cartwright and her friends, it’s just a campfire story. Something spooky to set them on edge. Ellie’s always loved horror movies anyway. She loves a good story.

But if the story turns out to be true… has a lifetime of watching horror been enough? Is Ellie prepared to survive? Or will she end up like any of the scream queen slasher victims she’s spent her life watching on screen?

Tonight, she’s going to find out…

…and if she survives, she might just join The Last Girls Standing.
Deadders: A collection of short stories. 

In a first for horror fiction, this collection of stories make up an introduction, an explanation to create a prequel to the incredible novel Semianimus. Learn what began the chaos, possibly why and how. 

Deadders, or the undead, hunt the living and the healthy.
Life has altered and nothing will be the same again. These stories are a statement of a broken society, Deadders are the exclamation.
Deep in the woods something is stirring. 
A small Southern town is about to be invaded by something both ancient and evil. 

When his mother is killed, Ray Sanders returns home. 

He will soon come face to face with the creatures responsible. 

The Odomulites. Ancient beings that take host bodies and feed on humanity. 
Little does Ray know his family’s relationship with the Odomulites stretches back generations. 

He is about to find out. 

Will he survive? Can they be stopped? 

Or will the Odomulites win the fight?
A Collection of stories from horror authors Dusty Davis. 

Are you ready to be afraid? 
Can you handle the intense and twisted?

There is a story for everyone in this book. 
Things that go bump in the night. A succubus wanting your soul. 
Evil watching around the corner ready to pounce. 
Don’t turn off the lights, that bump you just heard…. they are coming to get you. 

Does evil win? 
Find out within these pages.
It’s nothing strange to parents for their kids to seemingly turn into somebody else when they’re a teenager. But what do you do when your sweet, gentle daughter becomes someone else completely and wants you dead? When Sumner discovers something strange, everything changes and soon her parents; Andy & Judith need to find out what it is & how to survive.
In the wilderness depths of the Canadian north is said to lurk an unimaginable horror; an ancient evil once considered a mere legend spoken about in hushed tones by campfire by the Chamrais people. A malignant spirit whose dark powers could possess those who encounter it with a violent and obscene hunger.
The town of Batesville has fallen victim to this evil, though a political committee has used its influence to cover up these gruesome incidents in an effort to promote and expand the financial future of the community. But when a young indigenous reporter from the city named Travis Randall begins working at the town newspaper, he starts to suspect that rampant alcohol abuse among the Chamrais and other suspicious events may have more sinister implications.
Warned not to probe into these situations, Travis’s determined investigations bring him into conflict with the town officials, a move that threatens to endanger not only his career . . . but possibly the life of both himself and his wife.
Although Travis exposes himself to a human threat, an even more ominous and supernatural menace awaits as he encounters the truth behind the legend of The Wendigo.
Gage Ozymandias Reyes is the pilot of a ship known as the Spero. He once had a family aboard along with several colonists headed to a planet called Holsinger 8C. But he’s all alone now. Everyone is dead except for one, a colonist named Brielle Holsinger, who he’s madly in love with. She is to be his wife, as foretold in the Prophecy of the One. He and Brielle will soon find themselves embroiled in a fight for survival as they hurtle toward their destination. 
Gage will soon find out his desire for Brielle may be more than that. He’ll discover his taste for her goes farther than his love.
Craig, a journalism graduate trying desperately to get a foothold in a fading industry, is going nowhere fast. While searching for a project to occupy himself, he stumbles across a blog written by a girl called Kami about internet rituals – challenges undertaken by those seeking to make contact with ghosts or other supernatural entities. Craig becomes obsessed, and when Kami suddenly disappears he goes in search of her. From there he is powerless to prevent his life spiralling out of control as he is drawn deeper and deeper into a dark, dangerous world where nothing is quite what it seems, a world populated not just by urban myths and hearsay, but by real-life killers. He thinks he is in control, but nothing can be further from the truth.

A group of teenagers work as camp counsellors at a recently reopened summer camp.

A camp that hides a sinister secret. It’s home to an undead killer. A monster that picks them off one by one, until there’s only one girl left standing.

For Ellie Cartwright, that’s not how the story ends. That’s how it begins.

Because Ellie’s not the only girl to have faced evil and survived. There are others. And now, they’ve sworn to protect those in danger. They’ve sworn to fight back against the creatures that lurk in the darkness.

They are the Last Girls Standing.

And Ellie’s journey is just getting started…

Alex Bonne has seen and been through almost everything in life. From crime to death, punishment to rehab, Alex has seen and experienced it all. Alex has tried to change for the better though since his incarceration in a rehabilitation institution. However, when Alex wakes up one day after a particularly fraught night, the world appears to have changed around him instead. From the people in and around the institute to the outside world, suddenly everything is different, all of a sudden, it seems the entire world has changed, not just Alex. Now not only does Alex not recognise the world he now lives in, but soon enough, he may not even recognise himself either. He needs to find out, to determine what has happened and what the hell is going on and most importantly, try and figure out how to stop it all before there is nothing left and he is the only one to understand what it was and why. There may be a cure to the madness, but that cure may just require more from Alex than he bargained for. Can Alex be the man he always hoped to be, or will he end up being just the same as he always has been. Or worse still, will he even survive at all?
Concise and cutting poetry. 

They speak to the heart of the everyday, 
the struggle, 
the pain endured, 
the darkness fighting for the light. 

Slithering from the writers mind and soul, 
looking for truth, 
finding their way into the world from the void. 

Will you take the journey?
18 tales that run the gamut.  
From gallows humor to dark and disturbing 
Thomas S. Gunther will drag you into the silvery depths of The Witching Glass. 

Daring you to stay in the shadows. 
Can you? Or will the webs wrap you up?
Look beyond the Shadows in The Witching Glass before it’s too late.
Deep in the Tennessee countryside there are portals, 
cracks in our reality. 

The places where those rips manifest are special, 
full of power, but also cursed.  

Mr. Shift is an ancient traveler who has visited our world many times. 
Sliding through the portals at will. 
His quest has brought him back to this small country town,
and life will never be the same.
Led by Beasts is a terrifying collection of short stories and essays
that pay homage to the most powerful voices in horror from the past 50 years.

Featuring the Deadmans Tome MEATGRINDER Contest winning story Craftsmanship For Food 

Clark Roberts draws you near the campfire and spins his dark tales. 

A boy seeks cosmic revenge on the adults in his life. 

The darkest of carnivals rolls into the neighborhood. 

In an original possession story, the Devil haunts a man’s entire life. 

A Nazi officer is tormented by time’s most cursed seductress. 

The whole world is truly held in the hands of Gods. 

And much more. 

Take the hand and follow the beast into its lair where there is no escape.
Three college entrepreneurs embark on a trip across the Mohave desert on their way to a sports convention in Las Vegas when mechanical problems force them to seek help in a forgotten town. It doesn’t take long for the three students to realize they are not only stranded but being held hostage along with the few residents remaining by a deadly curse. Unforgiving elements and a growing need for water forces the captives to gamble their lives over the most basic of human needs. Guarded by lethal creatures hiding in the shadows by day and a bladed by night, all must make hard choices and face the consequences of deep secrets before dying of thirst becomes a certainty.